Book of 1 Timothy

From Journey the Word

This is a letter of Paul's addressed to Timothy around 63 A.D. Paul had insights for the new generation of the church and its leaders. Timothy worked with Paul a lot before he began pastoring in Ephesus. Many of Paul's warnings were about legalism and false teachings, Paul gives the qualifications for pastors and deacons, also describing how they can be good ministers.

Paul begins the letter by addressing Timothy, his own son in the faith (meaning Paul was his spiritual father and leader)" Right away, Paul warns against false doctrine, telling Timothy to "teach no other doctrine." We find out that the O.T. Law is for the lawless and unrighteous people (unsaved, probably), rather than the righteous man (saved, probably). Too many times, Jewish leaders, false teachers, Pharisees - for example - tried to push the Old Testament Law onto believers, causing them to be led astray. Paul then instructs that prayer, thanksgiving, etc. be made for all men, including kings and those in authority, and for ourselves to lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

Next, Paul talks about how women should conduct themselves in the church. Women should have modesty, especially in apparel, and sober, Women should also not have braided hair with gold or pearls, or other costly things in it. Additionally, women should not interrupt in the church while the teacher is talking, and should let the church leader be a leader over her. She should not take authority over the church (unless she is appointed to do so).

Now, Paul beings in chapter three by talking about the qualifications for overseers in the church. A bishop, Paul states, should be blameless, married to one wife, vigilant, sober, well behaved, hospitable, and able to teach. They should also not be given to wine, not greedy, but rather patient, not a brawler or covetous. Bishops should rule well their own home, with children in subjection. The bishop should not be a novice and have a good report among men of being righteous. A deacon, as Paul writes, should be grave, not double-tongued, not given too much wine, not greedy, be able to hold revelations of faith or God in their mind, blameless, have grave wives, not slanderous, sober, and faithful in all things. Additionally, deacons should be married to one wife, rule their children and house well, and be bold in the faith of Jesus Christ. Overall, the standards listed for both bishops and deacons ensure they live good moral and spiritual lives.

Next, Paul gives more warnings about false teachers and those that will depart from the faith. Many teachers are liars and fakes, he warns. Timothy is instructed to teach the Word of God. After that, Paul gives advice about widows, and how they should be treated. Elders should be treated with double-honor, especially if they work hard in the Word. He also notes on respect to be given to servants. Soon, Paul writes about false teachers again, talking about their personality before warning about the love of money.

Paul then encourages Timothy to fight the good fight of faith, following after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness. ln addition, those that are rich should not be high-minded or trustful in uncertain riches, but that they give freely. Paul finishes the letter with final words to Timothy.