Jesus Christ: 3rd Journey

From Journey the Word

The Main Story of This Journey

Note: Prepare your own Bible and please read all of the Scriptures given on this page.


Luke 2:41-52


The Law of Moses stated that male Jews were to appear before the LORD at the altar three times a year: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles (all three are feasts of Israel). Female Jews were not required to attend, but could anyway if they like. Jesus began attending at the required age in the Law (age 12).

Jesus, one day, tarried behind in Jerusalem, in which Joseph and Mary did not know, for they assumed Jesus was in their caravan. They did not know that they left Jesus behind in Jerusalem. When they finally noticed, they went back to search for Jesus in Jerusalem. After asking many people, they were to no avail in finding Him.

After a few days, Jesus was found in the Temple learning from the teachers of the Law. Jesus amazed the teachers with His Wisdom. Joseph and Mary begin questioning Jesus, such as 'where have you been?' Jesus answered that He must be in His Father's House (as in they should have known that Jesus had obligation to be at the Temple).

Since obedience to parents was part of the Law, they allowed Jesus to tarry a bit longer, but took Him back to Jerusalem. He continued to increase the showing of His Wisdom.

Teaching and review

As Jesus sought truth from teachers of the Law, He did not intend to make His Knowledge better of the Law, for He had all knowledge in His Grasp. However, He aimed to help transform the Jewish system, so He could teach the teachers. If He could influence the teachers, they would be better at what they do. Perhaps if Jesus made them better, it would make them more strict? Less strict?

We should read even more about Jesus' Life, but this will take studying His Young Life, in which case we do not have that literary background just yet. Antiquity and archaeology have not allowed us the information yet about Jesus and His Childhood. However, since there is a bit of data here in Luke, there is likely more data. Even the apostle John said that there is so much more about Jesus in books and writings all over the world that could never be combined into one book (such as the Bible for example). There are so many more resources out there, yet to be discovered, or they are discovered and have yet to be studied (which is about 500-1000 years worth of information still yet to be studied).

Admonitions to understand: Those who seek sorrow for Christ will find Him with great joy! (Just as Joseph and Mary found Jesus and were glad - although we would be so much more than glad).

We should avoid things that pleasure us if it is inconsistent with our calling. We should always be about the Father's business (Just as Jesus said He was doing).

Final words for this lesson: Keep that undying aim to do the LORD's Work in life, and be humble to Him always.