Book of 2 Timothy

From Journey the Word

This is Paul's second letter to Timothy, written to him around 65-66 A.D., where he yet again strictly warns Timothy about false teachings. Paul warns Timothy about persecution, as well, but encourages him that God is faithful nonetheless. Some people speculate this may be the last known letter of Paul's. This seems like a departing letter to his spiritual son. Paul talks about his circumstances, and that it seems like his own work is finished (on earth).

Paul begins the letter with the usual greeting before talking about desiring to see Timothy. Paul begs Timothy to stay faithful and continue the good work, encouraging him to have no fear, but power, love, and a sound mind. He then instructs Timothy to guard the gospel, holding fast to the original writings and teachings of it. Timothy must keep faithful to legitimate doctrine, and stay away from false teachers. Timothy should stay close to faithful men, endure hardness, and remember that Jesus is the seed of David - raised from the dead, so he shall endure all things for Christ's sake.

Next, Timothy is instructed to study to show himself approved unto God, as a worker who rightly divides the Word of Truth without shame. Then, Paul warns him of the coming departing of the faith by men, and those men will take part in many unrighteous acts as a result. Paul then instructs Timothy that all Scripture is God- breathed, and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. This is given so that the man of God may be perfect and throughly furnished unto all good works.

Then, Paul commands Timothy again to preach the Word of God. He writes to let Timothy know that men will not endure sound doctrine, so the word needs preached in season, out of season, to reprove, rebuke, and exhort. Finally, Paul claims he has fought the good fight of faith and finished his course. He knows of his crown of righteousness that the Lord shall give himself and to all them that love his appearing. After his final greetings, Paul states that the Lord shall deliver him from every evil work, so that he will be preserved unto His Heavenly kingdom. He then does his farewell to end the letter.

Paul had many thoughts overall in prison, and this letter was no different. Paul knew that in his own suffering, he would benefit one day no matter what in the kingdom of God. However, Paul was very intent on the destruction of false teachers and their fake doctrines. This letter serves as just one of them that warn strictly against false teachings. Seems like Paul wanted to encourage his spiritual son Timothy to persevere in the faith, to stay true to God's Word, to have good diligence in his work, and to avoid confusing doctrines. Paul's sufferings made his own will stronger to tell Timothy to be strong in the faith and guard against false teachings. Paul was getting ready for execution soon, it sems, so he was intent on letting his companion Timothy know his last feelings and instructions.

Jesus spoke that Scripture is the inspired Word of God, which means that it should be taught with all accuracy and detail to the text. When someone perverts the text and causes confusion, they are insulting the wisdom and knowledge of God. We must (as Christians) safeguard the good and true Word of God to full accuracy.