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Welcome to Journey the Word With Jay Allen wiki-book! Home of the ever evolving book that will always be free. We love GOD and love people more everyday!

About: Journey the Word With Jay Allen is the name of the program and wiki-book name that our ministry group does (Journey the Word for short is fine!) (This not an organization or association.). We, myself and the group ministry supporters, have been operating since 2013 in online ministry operations for the LORD! It is all about GOD, His Love, Loving GOD, and loving people more everyday!

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This read-only wiki is owned wholly and authored fully by Jay Allen, and will continually be run the same: FREE, and never any monetization or charges for any content (wiki or social media). (If you are ever shown ads anywhere on our pages, or any trackers, it's not us!)

Jay Allen is a licensed and ordained minister since 2015, accredited with a doctorate in divine theology (divinity) in 2016, and has been ministering since a young child (about 30+ years). As a child, he ministered to some people and befriended people he could help. As an adult, he began part time ministry (similar to missionary work like Jesus did) at 20, and then went full time in 2015 in personal ministry like Jesus Christ had done: Make friends with people, help them with their life, and empower them to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and minister to others similarly. The ministry does not change this path, we are still on that Jesus path.

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Basic/Simple English teachings

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Standard English teachings

The Life of Jesus Christ Journey

The Life of Jesus Christ Journey Introductory - Jesus Christ: 1st Journey - Jesus Christ: 2nd Journey - Jesus Christ: 3rd Journey - Jesus Christ: 4th Journey - Jesus Christ: 5th Journey - Jesus Christ: 6th Journey - Jesus Christ: 7th Journey - Jesus Christ: 8th Journey - Jesus Christ: 9th Journey - Jesus Christ: 10th Journey - Jesus Christ: 11th Journey - Jesus Christ: 12th Journey - Jesus Christ: 13th Journey - Jesus Christ: 14th Journey - Jesus Christ: 15th Journey - Jesus Christ: 16th Journey - Jesus Christ: 17th Journey - Jesus Christ: 18th Journey - Jesus Christ: 19th Journey - Jesus Christ: 20th Journey - Jesus Christ: 21st Journey - Jesus Christ: 22nd Journey

Journey Word - Quick Review Series

Journey Word 1: Beginnings - Journey Word 2: The Fallen World - Journey Word 3: Chosen Family - Journey Word 4: Egypt & The Wilderness - Journey Word 5: The Promised Land - Journey Word 6: The Kingdom Unified - Journey Word 7: Divided they Stand - Journey Word 8: Rebuilding the Kingdom - Journey Word 9: The Lord Jesus Christ - Journey Word 10: Spreading the Gospel

About GOD (Father, Son, & Spirit)

Kingdom of GOD - The Beatitudes - Foundations in Christ Jesus - The Glory of GOD - Historical: Birth of Jesus Christ - Jesus' First Passover - Jesus' Baptism - Jesus' Temptation by satan - Jesus' Appearance After Death - GOD does not tempt people - Why Jesus Christ is GOD - Jesus wants to give you the Kingdom - Introduction about GOD'S Love - Jesus the founder of the world

Bible - Journey the Word book by book review

Old Testament

The Law

Book of Genesis - Book of Exodus - Book of Leviticus - Book of Numbers - Book of Deuteronomy


Book of Joshua - Book of Judges - Book of Ruth - Book of 1 Samuel - Book of 2 Samuel - Book of 1 Kings - Book of 2 Kings - Book of 1 Chronicles - Book of 2 Chronicles - Book of Ezra - Book of Nehemiah - Book of Esther


Book of Job - Book of Psalms - Book of Proverbs - Book of Ecclesiastes - Book of Song of Solomon

Major Prophets

Book of Isaiah - Book of Jeremiah - Book of Lamentations - Book of Ezekiel - Book of Daniel

Minor Prophets

Book of Hosea - Book of Joel - Book of Amos - Book of Obadiah - Book of Jonah - Book of Micah - Book of Nahum - Book of Habakkuk - Book of Zephaniah - Book of Haggai - Book of Zechariah - Book of Malachi

New Testament

Gospels of Jesus Christ

Book of Matthew - Book of Mark - Book of Luke - Book of John


Book of Acts

Letters from Paul
To the churches

Book of Romans - Book of 1 Corinthians - Book of 2 Corinthians - Book of Galatians - Book of Ephesians - Book of Philippians - Book of Colossians - Book of 1 Thessalonians - Book of 2 Thessalonians

To friends

Book of 1 Timothy - Book of 2 Timothy - Book of Titus - Book of Philemon

Letters from Peter

Book of 1 Peter - Book of 2 Peter

Letters from John

Book of 1 John - Book of 2 John - Book of 3 John - Book of Revelation

Other letters

Book of Hebrews - Book of James - Book of Jude

Bible - GOD'S servants

Elections in the Bible - Study of Jonah - Timothy's preaching instruction - Receivers of great grace - 15 heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 - Book of James: A closer look - Topics in 1-2 Peter - Topics in 1, 2, & 3 John - Pentateuch/Torah closer look - OT historical look - Poetry & Wisdom


Introduction to the Major and Minor Prophets - Prophet Moses - Prophet Elijah - Prophet Elisha - Prophet Samuel - Major Prophets - Minor Prophets

Acts of the Apostles & Missionaries

Acts: Commissioned! - Acts: Jesus Ascends - Acts: Upper Room - Acts: Pentecost - Acts: Strange Tongues - Acts: Peter's Sermon - Acts: Repent! - Acts: Praying for the lame - Acts: Peter's second sermon - Acts: Peter & John arrested - Acts: Peter & John released - Acts: Apostles minister & arrested again - Acts: Coming to the defense - Acts: Deacons appointed - Acts: Be ye converted - Acts: The Gospel's spread - Acts: Teaching Peter a lesson - Acts: Jews hostility toward Christians - Acts: Peter delivered miraculously - Acts: Paul's beginning - Acts: Paul's journeys

Acts Apostles summary - Acts Missionaries summary - Other notes on Peter & Paul - Apostle John's relationship with Jesus Christ - Apostle Peter's relationship with Jesus Christ


Psalm 23 - Prayer to GOD alone - Being spiritual - Money - Holidays - Do not be deceived - Prayer topics - Lukewarmness - Titling people in the church - Need for Scripture - Flee Heresy! - Subjection to GOD and government - Sonship in GOD - Circumcision is not required for Salvation - Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost - Our victory in Christ Jesus - Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Lessons from the Christmas story - How should we think? - Searching for a sign - If you don't worship, the rocks will cry out - If you need peace... - Reflections on our Creator - Dealing with sickness - Notes about grace 1 - Guidance on Sin

Other uncategorized subjects

Judaism - Heaven and hell - Wise Men - Herod the Great: The First Antichrist