Book of Ephesians

From Journey the Word

Paul writes a letter to the church of Ephesus, the Ephesian people that is, around 62 A.D. This was birthed through personal revelations that God gave Paul through his prayer life. Paul wants the audience, the believers, that is, to advance in faith, love, wisdom, and revelation from the Father. He wants the people to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and develop their own spiritual foundation.

After Paul greets them, he speaks of the blessings offered to us as Sons and heirs of God. By being predestined, we receive grace and redemption. Paul reveals what he's writing about, and tells of his hope that God would give them wisdom and revelation. They learn that they were dead in trespasses and sins, that God loved us, even when we are dead in sins. He raised us up together so we can sit in Heavenly places with Jesus. He assures the believers that by grace, they are saved by faith- Soon, he teaches that Christ gives us access to the Father, which allows us to approach Him with confidence that we will be loved and accepted.

Next, Paul talks about himself as a prisoner, and that he is speaking about his revelation (he calls the mystery of Christ). He hopes that the people would be strengthened through the Spirit that they might be able to comprehend all forms of God's love, that Christ dwells in their hearts by faith grounded in love, and to know the love of Christ over all. Paul then addresses the importance of unity - to which he wants done so that they may improve their relationships with each other and with God. Paul then instructs them about the gifts of ministry (teachers, apostles, prophets, evangelists, etc.). He makes sure to back this up with a purpose, so they understand how to use them in a very simple way.

Next, Paul instructs the believers on several topics, including putting away their old life and putting on their new life, thus being renewed in the Spirit of their mind. ln addition, to grieve not the Spirit, which means to ignore Him and resist Him. Then, Paul wants them to walk in love and be pure (without fornication, uncleanness, and covetousness). Paul then warns that the immoral or unclean people do not inherit the kingdom of God- He also warns to not let anyone deceive with vain words. Paul wants them to be filled with the Spirit, give thanks always, submit themselves to each other, etc.

Then, Paul changes gears to give instructions for families and workers. First, he instructs wives and husbands about submission, love, unity, independence, and reverence. He then talks to children and parents shortly about honor and peace with each other before talking about how servants should be obedient to their masters.

Paul finishes his letter telling the people to put on the (metaphorical) whole armor of God (as a Roman soldier would don his armor). Because of the spiritual conflict with evil, we must understand our victory in Christ, and that being i* war with evil, we have the Holy Spirit inside us to protect us" We must use the armor (our spiritual capability) to battle the forces of evil. Many of the ways to do this involve reading the Word of God, praying, and guarding against bad thoughts, as well as other ways. Paul encourages believers to pray always. Paul concludes the letter, hoping for comfort for their hearts and peace, love, and faith from God the Father. Comfort is recognized to be at its peak when we realize that we should depend on God, and He will fight for us.