Book of Luke

From Journey the Word

Luke, the physician, wrote and finished this gospel book around 60-63 A.D. Luke portrayed Jesus as the Son of Man in his writings. He begins with writing about the prophecy of John the Baptist's birth, and of Jesus' birth as well. For Jesus' case, Luke notes that the angel Gabriel was sent to Nazareth, where he spoke unto Mary, telling her she would conceive a son in her womb and call Him Jesus. Gabriel noted that the Holy Ghost would come upon her. Next, Luke writes that Mary visits Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Then Mary greeted Elisabeth, the baby inside Elisabeth leapt, and then she was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Later, John the Baptist was born, and then Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Shepherds and angels came to look at the baby Jesus in the manger. Eight days later, Jesus was taken to the temple to be presented to the Lord according to the Law of Moses. Therefore, they offered Jesus up as sacrifice to the Lord, and Jesus was blessed. Luke notes ftat as Jesus grew, he waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon Him." When Jesus was twelve years old, He and His parents went up to the feast of the Passover. Once finished there, Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem to ask questions of the doctors in the temple. That's where He was found three days later when His parents were searching for Him.

Next, John the Baptist was noted preaching about repentance and the remission of sins through baptism. He then spoke to the people to make the way straight for the Lord, for He was coming to be baptized. Jesus was then baptized, and God and the Holy Spirit were there with Him. Luke then writes about Christ's genealogy, where he notes that it dates back to Adam (the first man).

Later, Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, where He was tempted by the Devil for forty days (and was fasting as well). A few of the temptations were noted, which Jesus countered with Scripture. Jesus then returned to Galilee and began teaching in the synagogue. Then, He went to Nazareth, where He was rejected after He taught. Soon after, Jesus went to Capernaum and casted out and unclean spirit. Then, went to heal the sick and cast out devils.

Next, Jesus came upon the lake of Gennesaret, where He saw fishermen struggling with their nets. Jesus told Simon to launch it out into the water again. Simon appealed, stating that they had been fishing all night to no avail. But Simon continued anyway. Soon, a ton of fishes filled the net, and Simon fell at His knees (in embarrassment probably). Jesus then came upon others, James and John. Jesus told Simon that he should catch men. The three of them followed Jesus.

These men went with Jesus while He cleansed a leper and healed a paralytic. Then, Jesus came upon Levi (Matthew), whom Jesus told to "follow me.' Levi made a great feast for Jesus and the rest of his other friends (who were tax collectors and sinners). The scribes and Pharisees began questioning and watching Jesus. They were shocked at His behavior and deemed to keep an eye on Him at all times.

Soon after, Jesus called and ordained twelve men to be His disciples. Of whom were Simon (Peter), Andrew, Jarnes, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James (son of Alphaeus), Simon (Zelotes), and Judas. Next, Jesus began teaching at the Sermon on the Plain (which Matthew calls the Sermon on the Mount). Jesus spoke on various topics such as, the Beatitudes, principles of the kingdom of God, and wise and foolish builders among other topics. Soon, Jesus went to Capernaum where He healed the centurion's servant and raised a widow's son from the dead. Jesus was invited to eat with a Pharisee at his house, where a woman with an alabaster box came in and anointed Jesus. The woman cried upon Jesus' feet, anointing them with her tears, and then washing, kissing, and anointing His feet with her hair.

As Jesus went on, He taught on many parables, including the parable of the Sower, and the candlestick teaching. Jesus boarded a ship where His disciples were on and fell asleep. The disciples soon awoke Him because of the storm. Jesus rose and calmed the storm. Soon after, they arrived at Gadarenes, where Jesus casted out devils, including "Legion." Legion requested to be sent into swine that were feeding nearby, and when Jesus did it, the swine violently ran into the sea and drowned. Over the next couple days, Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

Eight days later, Jesus took with Hirn Peter, James, and John up to a mountain where He transfigured Himself. He did this to reveal Himself and that they believed that He truly was the Son of God and savior sent to redeem sins. The next day, Jesus healed a possessed boy before conducting a series of teachings. Jesus began teaching about discipleship before sending 70 people to do His work, giving them authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus taught about the Good Samaritan, prayer, the parable of a lighted candle, many warnings about seeking signs and Pharisaism and hypocrisy, the parable of the rich fool, anxiety, His Second Coming, and faithful & unfaithful servants.

Jesus soon taught in a synagogue and healed on the Sabbath, where the ruler had a problem with it. He taught there on the kingdom of Heaven likening it to the mustard seed and the leaven. Next, Jesus went to a chief Pharisee's house, and healed a man on the Sabbath. Of course, the Pharisees had an issue with this" Jesus taught some more on different topics, like the parable of the great supper, discipleship, the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son, and the steward. Jesus warned the Pharisees about marriage and divorce, riches, faith, and forgiveness. Jesus traveled to a village near Samaria and Galilee, where He healed ten lepers there. The Pharisees began demanding and testing Jesus, looking for flaws in His teachings.

Jesus spoke about many other things, including His Second Coming, and a couple more parables: the persistent widow and the Pharisee & the tax collector. Jesus again prophesies His own death later on, before healing a blind man when He went to Jericho. While at Jericho, Jesus met with Zacchaeus (chief tax collector) at His house, where he was forgiven. Jesus taught a bit more before coming to the Mount of Olives, where He was celebrated by His disciples. Soon after, Jesus went into the temple in Jerusalem. While there, Jesus casted out those who sold in the temple. He taught for many days in the temple. The Pharisees and scribes challenged His authority.

The next teachings by Jesus were about the parable of the tenants, paying taxes to Caesar, marriage, offerings, and signs of His Second Coming. The Passover was to begin soon. Judas plotted with the scribes and chief priests on how to get Jesus arrested and killed. Jesus had the feast (the last supper) prepared for the Passover meal. When everyone had communed, Jesus instituted the supper through the giving of His Body (the bread) and His Blood (the wine). Jesus announced that someone would betray Him and then prophesied that Peter would deny Him three times before the cock crew next.

Jesus went and interceded with God in Gethsemane, before being betrayed by Judas and denied by Peter. Soon, He came unto trial to Pilate and Herod. Jesus was voted (between Himself and Barabbas) to be crucified. Jesus was then delivered to be crucified, where He was mocked and beaten" He was taken up to Calvary where He was crucified between two criminals. Others came and mocked Him. Later that day, Jesus gave up His spirit and died. The guards took Jesus to the tomb. ln three days, Jesus arose from the tomb. Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Joanna, and other women came to check out the tomb only to notice that He was gone. Even Peter showed up to look.

Later, Jesus appeared to the ten disciples and ate before them. He ministered to them, then instructed them to preach ln His name into all the nations. Also, being witnesses of all of what Christ went through. Lastly, Jesus blessed His disciples before being carried up into Heaven.