Book of Revelation

From Journey the Word

John writes in this book, around 95 A.D., the revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus, angels, and visions, communicated it to John supernaturally. John appeared to receive these visions while exiled on the island of Patmos, which was near Ephesus. This revelation is meant to make people aware of the coming of Jesus Christ, the end of the world, and the Lord's coming kingdom reign with believers.

Jesus speaks unto John initially telling him that He is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the ending. The Lord directs John to a vision and tells him to write down all he sees, and then send it to the seven churches in Asia: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. When John saw the glory of the Lord Jesus before him so magnificent, he fell at His feet. The Lord told him not to fear. The Lord had seven stars and seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars represent angels who were assigned to each church, while the seven golden candlesticks are the actual churches. Next, Jesus addresses each church, telling of what good or bad things they have done, how they can improve, and the rewards and consequences of their further action. This seems to be in hopes to improve the churches and strengthen believers to prepare them for the end times.

Soon, John sees a door open in Heaven, to which a voice calls him in. He saw God on His throne, with a rainbow surrounding it. Twenty-four elders were sitting around the throne with white robes and crowns of gold worshiping the Lord. There were also four beasts surrounding the throne as well, worshiping the Lord God at all times. Next, God is seen holding the book with the seven seals and asks who is worthy to open it. The only one found to be able to open it was the lamb that was slain. The Lamb (Jesus presumably), came and took the book. The Lamb was then worshipped.

Then, the Lamb began opening the seals, the first six actually. The first revealed a white horse ready to conquer, the second a red horse that was to rake peace from the earth (and was armed with a sword), the third a black horse that had scales in his hand, the fourth a pale horse that was Death sent to kill the fourth part of the earth, the fifth were martyrs crying out for vengeance to the killers of themselves; which they were given rest and told to wait, and the sixth revealed a great earthquake, black sun, blood red moon, starts falling from the sky, and mountains moved. High-ranking men, such as kings and wealthy people hid themselves. These men requested that mountains and rocks fall on them so they did not have to see the face of God or partake in the wrath of the Lamb.

Before the seventh seal was opened, 144,000 people were sealed on their foreheads declaring ownership from God, which was done by four angels at the four comers of the earth. Then, a great multitude of people came to salvation in Christ. Soon, an event begins called the great tribulation. Next, the Lamb opens the seventh seal, and silence was in Heaven for half an hour. Seven angels with seven trumpets lined before God" Each began blowing their trumpet. After the first trumpet blew, hail, fire, and blood rained on the earth. After the second blew, the sea turned to blood. After the third blew, the waters were polluted by a great star from Heaven (star was called Wormwood). Then, the fourth blew, the sun, moon, and stars were darkened. Now, after the fifth trumpet was blown, a bottomless pit of locusts was opened in the earth, and swarms of locusts came out to torment non-believers. The locusts were instructed to not bother believers in the faith.

After the sixth trumpet blew, four angels were released to kill one-third of the population of earth. ln addition, 200 million horsemen were released to kill one-third of the earth as well. Still people would not repent and come to believe in the Lord. An angel then came giving John a scroll to eat, so that he may prophesy before people. People were still in unbelief and unrepentant. Two witnesses were sent to preach, which were two candlesticks. A beast that came up from the bottomless pit destroyed them. The two candlesticks arose a few days later and flew up to the heavens, and an earthquake was released upon the earth killing 7,000 men. The seventh trumpet finally sounded that the world has become the kingdom of Ghrist to which he reigns forever.

Next, a story began about the woman (people of Israel) and the dragon, who was Satan. This tells of satan's fall from Heaven probably, which included taking a third of the angels with him, after waning with Michael and his angels. The dragon was cast out of Heaven, and then became an accuser of the believers. Soon, the dragon begins war on earth, persecuting Israel (for the woman brought forth the child, who was Jesus).

A beast then rose up out of the sea, which was wounded eventually then brought back to life, thus mocking the power of Christ (probably the beast is the antichrist). He seeks, after regenerating, to make war with the saints. The beast then commands worship. Another beast soon appeared which would direct people to worship the first beast. They would then mad< those of worshipers with the number 666 on their right hand or forehead.

Now, the next two chapters, 14-15, introduce judgments that will occur in chapters 16-18. ln chapter 14, 144,000 outstanding believers in Heaven are shown next to the Lamb. The last half of the tribulation, an angel proclaims the gospel of Jesus, to call people to fear God" Those are warned if they worship the beast, they will meet their doom, which was permanent. The angel also warns the saints to stay faithful, as they will probably die. Next, in chapter'15, seven angels had the seven last plagues. These were final judgments. Many believers were noticed to have had victory over the beast, and so they worshipped.

ln chapter 16, the seven vials of the wrath of God were set to be unleashed. The first one poured out was sores upon men, the second was that the sea became blood, the third poured out blood becoming of rivers and fountains, the fourth activated fierce hear from the sun that would scorch men, the fifth poured out darkness upon the seat of the beast, the sixth poured out over the river Euphrates would dry the waters to prepare for kings to come. This prepared them for Armageddon, before the seventh poured out a great earthquake - to which also hail and stones the weight of talents fell upon them.

Next, a great whore appears, which represents Babylon (a kingdom of false religions). The whore was then explained, before it was to be destroyed. This brought the doom of Babylon, are those who loved Babylon mourned over its death, while heaven rejoiced. Praise was brought before God for His judgment, before a marriage supper was held for the Lamb. Soon, Heaven opened to bring forth Christ, Faithful and True He was called, to which He came to make war. The war will end swiftly as the beast and the ungodly are destroyed.

An angel then came from Heaven with the key to the bottomless pit. He took the dragon, and bound him for a thousand years. He was to be there, without deceiving the nations, for one-thousand years before being released for a while- Meanwhile, those who stayed faithful to Christ will reign with Christ for a thousand years. Then, the thousand years finish, Satan is loosed, and went to deceive the nations - Gog and Magog - to gather them for battle. Fire came down from Heaven and devoured them. Satan, along with the hast and the false prophet, are cast into the lake for fire to be tormented night and day forever.

Next came the great white throne judgment, where people were judged according to their works. Death and hell were cast into the lake of fire, which was second death. Those not found in the Book of Life were cast into the lake of fire, as well. ln chapter 21, John notes the new Heaven and new earth, as the first heaven and earth are passed away. There is no sea. Soon, a New Jerusalem descended out of Heaven, which was magnificent in every way. The Lord and the Lamb was the temple of the New Jerusalem, and there was no need for the $un or the moon, because God's glory was so bright to have tit up the city completely. There were more glorious things about it, as well.

The Lord declares that He shall come quickly. John then fell down in worship before the feet of the angel that showed him these things, The Lord spoke more declaring who He is, what He will do, etc. An invite to come to the Lord was after this, which mentions that the Spirit and the bride say, "Come." Then, a warning is given for those who modify anything in the book. The book then concludes with the assurance that the Lord Jesus will surely come quickly.