Jesus Christ: 1st Journey

From Journey the Word

The Main Story of This Journey

Note: Prepare your own Bible and please read all of the Scriptures given on this page.

Part 1: Selected Genealogies of Jesus

Scripture for Part 1

Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38


The genealogy given in Matthew and Luke, as explained above, shows the Messiah's rights, to proclaim Jesus as the Messiah.

Isaiah 11:1-5 shows us that the Israelites/Jews expected the Messiah to be from the Line of David.

There were a minority who thought the Messiah should come from the priestly order, just as Aaron, but there are not strong sources to support this.

Found in ancient scrolls of the Old Testament, it appears they may have identified two Messiahs in history, which were David and Aaron.

David would restore the Kingdom back to Israel, and Aaron would reconcile the Jews' hearts back to GOD. During newer times, in age of the New Testament era, and even through the intertestamental period - many people rose up claiming to be the Messiah, which had Jewish authorities' attention so often, that when Jesus stepped in and proved by bloodline that He is Messiah, the Jews marked Him with distrust - thinking He's just another Messiah claimant... for many revolts against Rome came about by such claimants (For revolt information, see detail about this in Acts 1:6; 5:36-37; 21:38).

Matthew and Luke detail how Jesus had the legal right to the throne of David, and as part of the Davidic Covenant that GOD had given, the Messiah will come from the line of David.

Jesus fulfilled the promise/covenant that the Messiah would come from the line of David.

Genealogy of Jesus listed by Matthew encompassed about 42 generations from Abraham. Luke's genealogy of Jesus showed around 77 generations from Adam. Many genealogies had gaps in a specific generation, and the term, "Son" was used carefully. It's possible some genealogical entries were missing, because those heirs were deemed potentially unfit/unworthy, etc. Luke states in 3:23-28, that the blood ties had to do with the genealogy. The genealogy given by Luke showed that it was based on Covenantal reasons. Both genealogies were intended to chart the people who had shared experiences in the same bloodline.

Part 2: Jesus' Birth & Presentation in the Temple

Scripture for Part 2

Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-39


The Birth of Jesus is presented in a way that shines the light first on the glory of GOD. But before that, Joseph and Mary were astonished to know that Mary was pregnant, especially since they were not married. Joseph dealt with fear over this, but Joseph knew from the vision he just witnessed while Mary was pregnant, that the LORD will make everything right, because it was a miraculous birth and of the Holy Spirit in purity. Joseph rejected reporting Mary to the Jewish authorities for marital unfaithfulness. Joseph was a morally good man. But since GOD intervened, he allowed things to happen as GOD wanted them to.

The Son being born unto Mary was to be Israel's long-awaited Messiah, who was given to save people from sin's control and consequences. Joseph took GOD at His Word and married Mary anyway. The two of them did not have sexual relations before their marriage.

We see the reference then to Isaiah 7:14, as we read Matthew 1:23, "Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us."

This was the Governor who shall rule Israel, Jesus (Emmanuel). Matthew 2:6 references a prophecy found in Micah 5:2, "And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel." We also see reference at this moment in Genesis 49:10, in which GOD spoke, "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be." Jesus is the sceptre and is called Shiloh.

Other notes: Being born in the Jewish line, as we just reviewed in the genealogy, his parents had to have three ceremonies. This was written in Jewish law. First was the circumcision, which was to be 8 days after birth (Reference Genesis 17:12 and Leviticus 12:3 -- also see John 7:22). Next would be the presentation of Jesus in the (Second) Temple (Leviticus 12:6, Numbers 3:13). But, Mary had to wait 40 days before going there, because of the Purification law. Every male that opens the womb shall be called holy to the Lord (Exodus 13:2; Numbers 3:13, 8:16-17). They were to offer a sacrifice after the presentation, which is a pair of turtledoves (or two young pigeons) (Leviticus 5:7, 12:8).

All prophecies fulfilled by Jesus' Birth:

Oldest prophecies (about 1200 years or more before His Birth):

  • Be born of the seed of Abraham (Genesis 17:7-8; 26:3-4), fulfilled in Matthew 1:1, 1:17; Galatians 3:16, 3:29; and Hebrews 2:16.
  • Be born of the seed of Isaac (Genesis 17:19, 21:12; 26:2-4), which was fulfilled in Matthew 1:2, 1:17; Romans 9:7; Hebrews 11:17-19.
  • Be of the seed of Jacob; a star out of Jacob (Genesis 28:13-14; Numbers 24:17-19), which were fulfilled in Matthew 1:2; Luke 1:33, 3:23-38.
  • Be a firstborn son, sanctified (Exodus 13:2; Numbers 3:13, 8:17... Fulfilled in Luke 2:7, 2:23.
  • Be of the offspring of the woman, and bruise the serpent's head (Genesis 3:14-15). The fulfillment was verified in 1 John 3:8 (also see Galatians 4:4 and Hebrews 2:14).
  • All nations shall be blessed through Abraham (Genesis 18:17-18), which we read the verification of its fulfillment in Acts 3:25-26. (Reference also Matthew 1:1, 1:17, and Galatians 3:16.)
  • Be of the Tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:8-10 and Micah 5:2). Such things were verified fulfilled in Matthew 1:1-3 as the beginning of the genealogy is detailed, Hebrews 7:14, and Revelation 5:5.

Old prophecies (over 800 years before Jesus' Birth):

  • Kings shall bring him gifts and fall down before him (Psalm 72:10-11), and we see this fulfilled in Matthew 2:1-11.
  • Be born a king of the line of David (Isaiah 9:7; 2 Samuel 7:12-13; and Jeremiah 23:5, 30:9). This was verified fulfilled in Matthew 1:1, Luke 1:32, and Acts 13:22-23.

Old prophecies (over 500 years before Jesus' Birth):

  • Be born in the town of Bethlehem of Judea (Judah) (Micah 5:2-5). We see this verified in Matthew 2:1-6.
  • A child will be born (Isaiah 9:6), fulfilled in Luke 2:11 (a savior has been born to you).
  • Born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:13-14), which was fulfilled in Matthew 1:18-23 and Luke 1:26-35.
  • Have eternal existence (Micah 5:2), where we see fulfilled in John 1:1, 1:4; 8:58; Colossians 1:15-19.
  • Be a rod out of the stem of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1-2), we see fulfilled in Matthew 1:6 and Acts 13:22-23.
  • Herod would try to have Jesus eliminated (Jeremiah 31:15), fulfilled in Matthew 2:16-18.

Part 3: The Wise Men Visit

Scripture for Part 3

Matthew 2:1-12


After the ceremonies in Jerusalem, Joseph and Mary returned to Bethlehem with Jesus. Between 40 days and 2 years old, Jesus was worshiped, ministered to, gifted to, and in wisdom. The "wise men" (there were many more than just three of them that visited Jesus), some of them were magi who sought the stars to find Jesus. Whenever an important public figure was born or had died, a star or astronomical event would transform in the sky (see Daniel 19:25-27). Magi comes from the word, "Magician." This, in ancient times, was described as philosophers, priests, astronomers, and others that dwelt in Persia or Arabia (astronomy, religion, medicine). We know of the gifts that some of them brought, usually gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These were ingredients that they would need on their travel in the flight to Egypt to protect the Christ child. GOD'S provision was faithful for them. Next part of these teachings, we talk about the Flight to Egypt.

Wise men had been coming from the East to Jerusalem and wondered where "The King of the Jews" was. The wise men with their philosophies were able to determine that this must be the Christ from prophecy, and in seeing the star show in the sky, they presumed He had come. This angered King Herod (The entire Herodian dynasty hated Christians). It's also important to note that a few of the wise men were visiting Jesus to be able to inform Herod of His whereabouts.

Herod the Great, or simply Herod, had no desire to see a rival Jewish king being born and set up for the throne. He had urged the Magi to locate the Messiah and report back to him. Herod was a master politician, a bit of cowardice/paranoia, militarily mastered, and quite the builder. To impress others, Herod had the Temple reconstructed, and was named the Second Temple in Jerusalem, completed around 20 BC. Archaeologists have found several artifacts preserved about Herod the Great.

Other interesting notes: Bethlehem was derived from a Hebrew word that meant, "House of Bread." Jesus says later in His Ministry that He is the Bread of Life (John 6:35). The "City of David" (Luke 2:11) as it is in another name was the same place Ruth married Boaz, the ancestors of David. Also, David was born there, and later anointed as King by Samuel.

David was spoken to by the Lord to feed the sheep (the people of GOD) (See 2 Samuel 5:2 and Psalm 72). Shepherding was regarded as guiding, guarding, folding, and feeding. Homer (of antiquity) called Kings "Shepherds." Jesus is referred to as the Great Shepherd by Peter (1 Peter 5:4 - Also "shepherd of souls" 1 Peter 2:25). Revelation 2:27 says the shepherd will rule with a rod of iron, which will be against the enemies of GOD. The lamb in the midst of the Throne shall be their shepherd (Revelation 7:17). Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, Hallelujah (John 10:3-4).

Teaching and review

The infant Jesus attracted many visitors... Many were interested in Him, including many animals. He was not born in to sin, or needed mortification of corruption, or even a renewal of holiness. This was highly revealing that He would be in obedience entirely to GOD by obeying the whole Law that Moses gave. He would endure various sufferings, tribulations, and temptations, and even death (for us). Such an event reminds us that we should dedicate our children to the LORD, after all He is Creator. Many sought the revelation that this child was and is the Savior of the world, for He was going to be great - they gave glory to GOD. Later, the wise men learn of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost's lead.

Admonitions to understand:

  • It helps us to beware of those who intend to harm us. Resisting the devil will cause the devil to flee (James 4:7).
  • Give unto the LORD an offering, and He shall bless you abundantly. Give unto others for you may help them at just the right time.
  • The wise men brought gifts that would be extremely useful for Joseph and Mary in taking Jesus to flee away from Herod's menacing behaviors. This reminds us that GOD knows what we need and sends provision to help us.
  • This was indeed a small beginning for Christ Jesus, as many of our beginnings are. We need to be careful not to remove our eyes from the Light of Christ (lose focus on Christ), because it will lead to being lost and vulnerable (weak).
  • We will see that if we quit following the Light of Christ, we will be lost and prone to an attack from the devil. Herod acted just like a devil, hiding his malicious ways and being sly in his operations. The true wise men sought after Christ Jesus, and still many wise men today seek Him.

Uses of the gifts Jesus was given:

  • Frankincense was and is used for a good perfume and healing agent.
  • Myrrh was used as a burial spice and healing agent.
  • Gold to use for their tolls.

Final words for this lesson:

  • It is so wonderful that at the name of Jesus, we find freedom, peace, joy, and wonder.
  • Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that JESUS is LORD forever and ever. Continue sharing your testimony with others, for the LORD can bless anyone by the sound of His Name or by the word of our testimony anytime.