Jesus Christ: 6th Journey

From Journey the Word

Jesus is to begin His miraculous works, and we will explore this...

Jesus' first miracle

For this wonderful miracle, we begin reading in John 2:1-11, where Jesus journeyed from Bethabara to Cana in Galilee. This is not the same as the Parable of the Wedding Feast (& Great Banquet) we find in Luke 14:7-24; Matthew 22:1-14.

Jesus’ Mother was involved with a marriage in Cana of Galilee, to which, Jesus and His Disciples were invited. At the wedding feast, they needed wine, so Jesus’ Mother told Jesus of this. Jesus told her that His hour is not yet come (probably because His time to minister has not come yet to display His Messianic Power). She then tells the servants to do as Jesus says; therefore, He tells them to fill six water pots with water to the brim.

Jesus then tells them to take them to the governor of the feast. Once they reported to the governor of the feast, the governor had tried the water and knew it was not just water—but wine instead. They now had many water pots full of wine. The governor soon calls unto the bridegroom to only use this good wine correctly and not for drunkenness. Through this, He showed His Disciples, for the first time, something of glorious power that the Messiah can do.

What can we learn from this?

When we need something, we must bring our needs to Christ and allow Him to do as He pleases. If we expect Him to help solve our problems, we must be ready to obey Him (just as Mary told the servants to do as He says to do). Through Jesus’ work at the wedding here, we see He produced for them the best wine.

When we depend upon Him, we can acknowledge that His Power is best for our situation and therefore hope in the best result, especially according to the Will of God! Furthermore, we must invite the redeemer anywhere or any time, in which, we need Him, because He is willing to help at any time or anywhere!

Jesus' first visit to Capernaum

Jesus journeys from Cana to Nazareth, and then went from Nazareth to Capernaum (which is on the shore of the Sea of Galilee). Matthew 13:55-56: Jesus had four brothers at this time: James, Jose, Simon, and Judas. In Mark 6:3, Joseph, Jesus’ foster father, was probably dead at this time. Our overall readings for this journey are Matthew 4:13 and John 2:12.

Jesus heard about John being cast into prison, and therefore, departed quickly to Galilee. He soon leaves Nazareth and went to dwell in Capernaum. The whole family went, as John had said, except for the daughters it seems. Capernaum seemed to be an important place for our Lord, for He appeared to be there for 18 of the most important months of His Life, to which, He called it His Own City. He would make tours from here and return occasionally.

What can we learn from this?

Always stick close to, visit family and friends occasionally, for they care about you, and want to receive you when you come. Do not forsake your family and friends, even if you are busy in your career, for love is greatly important and can drive the soul forward in His Will!