Jesus Christ: 9th Journey

From Journey the Word

Jesus ministers in Galilee preaching repentance

The Scriptures we visit (which you don't have to read all, but feel free to read as much as you want): Mark 1:14b-15; Matthew 4:17; Luke 4:14-15; John 4:43-45. Jesus left Sychar and went into Galilee. Jesus preaches repentance and the Kingdom. He teaches in their synagogues, and was received.

John the Baptist is imprisoned, to which, Jesus meanwhile continued north into Galilee, where the people’s joyful welcome for Him was a surprise compared to the previous treatment from some suspicious people.

Jesus pointed out, nonetheless, that the Kingdom He was announcing was not for those that wanted political or material things, but for those who would humbly and sincerely turn from their sins.

What can we learn from this?

This tells us that we must leave our sin and come unto Him who will forgive us and grant upon us righteousness to ready us for the Kingdom of God! This is what people must do if they want to see the Kingdom of God!

The Nobleman’s Son Healed

We read here in John 4:46-54. Jesus comes to Cana of Galilee. A Nobleman from Capernaum begs for his son’s deliverance. Jesus rebukes everyone for lack of simple faith, but grants the father’s request.

Jesus was in Cana when a government official had come from Capernaum. He had an urgent request for Jesus to heal his son, to which, Jesus was unsure whether performing miracles would be good right now, because He wanted to avoid being labeled a miracle worker (as to not arouse suspicion of Him—at least, just yet…).

However, Jesus saw the man’s distress, knowing that they labored hard for his son to be healed, and therefore, Jesus accepted the little faith of the man, and announced that the son of this man would live. The man accepted Jesus’ word on the matter and went home to find that his son was in healing, and soon the man came to complete faith and led his household to faith in Christ as well!

What can we learn from this?

We must not be afraid to come to Jesus, especially in dire circumstances, to which, He is willing to help—especially now that He is in Heaven making intercession for us at the Right Hand of the Father. He is willing to make intercession for us; helping us in the time of need, and letting us know that He cares. We can have faith in Him that He will help us!

What does faith involve? Here it is as we learn from this situation:

  • Belief in Jesus’ power of miracle-working
  • Faith enough to seek Jesus
  • Faith in Jesus as the Messiah; the one who does what He says He will do, especially in fulfilling all that He’s promised!
  • Faith to confess Jesus to others, which is proof of the strength of faith!

Let us greatly appreciate the glory of the Lord! Hallelujah!