Our victory in Christ Jesus

From Journey the Word

Your victory is in Christ Jesus | Romans 8:1-17

Believers can have victory in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells them. Sin is like gravity, pulling someone down. Just as a stone thrown in the air would fall to the ground is what describes something that has no life or power to overcome gravity. Whereas, a bird were thrown in to the air, it would fly away, because it has life, a real power to be able to overcome gravity of the earth. Christ’s believers now have life, and they have a force that is greater than the downward pulling of the old sinful nature.

Any effort to keep the law does not produce righteousness, because the old sinful nature cannot cure itself or be improved, unlike modern day treatments for health infirmities. Only by Christ’s Sacrificial Work on the cross can sin be redeemed. Believers living by the power of the Holy Spirit can develop their lives righteously by following Christ, and not the flesh. Failure to follow the desires of the flesh will lead a believer to follow the desires of God and fulfill righteousness in their own life.

The Spirit within believers is the Holy Spirit that professes Jesus Christ, and He dwells within them to give them a spiritual life, including victory over sin, and freedom from the effects that sin produces.

Since the flesh does not govern His Believers, Christians are not to obey the flesh. Destroying the work of sin in your own life can be done by Christ’s help, in which when you are tempted, you should pray first and seek the Lord’s Will on how to proceed. Once you have dismantled the impact of sin in your life, you will share one day in the Father’s inheritance with Christ, even if that means you must suffer in the present life until you reach the point of inheritance.